Written Reviews

What a great motivator! Ryan addressed our staff prior to the beginning of the legislative session and promises of a very hectic spring. His presentation on attitude and positive thinking motivated and reenergized the staff...so much so that the challenges ahead have been manageable. The group is working as a team and the positive outlook and creativity is a direct result of Ryan’s words and enthusiastic behavior. Thanks for helping our association staff look at this stressful time in a much different manner.

Roxanne Barrios Juneau

Assistant Director, Louisiana District Attorneys Association

“We received raving reviews for Ryan’s keynote address at our recent 2014 client conference. Ryan’s keynote centered on ones attitude in sales and was received by all as up lifting. He pleases the crowd with passion and real life experiences engaging all listeners. Our clients left the conference with new views for a positive lifestyle. We would certainly recommend Ryan for any event if motivation is your goal.”

Cori Jackson

Marketing Executive, e-Quantum Inc.

I invited Ryan Lowe to speak at our annual Chamber of Commerce banquet. I was looking for someone that could motivate our chamber members as well as other business owners and leaders in the community. His speech was informative, motivational and entertaining; but more than that, it worked. Our chamber members are more involved than ever and that translates to more member services and more members. Everyone in the audience had great things to say about Ryan, we made the right choice in choosing him for our event.

Gloria Thompson

Vice-President, Sabine Parish Chamber of Commerce

It was truly a pleasure to have Ryan speak at the Central Chamber of Commerce. No disappointments here!! Ryan’s message of overcoming adversity, having perseverance, and keeping a positive attitude was an inspiration to all in attendance. Ryan’s message, “Get Off Your Attitude” will bring an infusion of optimism and renewed vision to any group that listens to his presentation!

Ron Erickson Sr.

President, CEO of Central Chamber of Commerce

Ryan spoke at Couvillion Group’s Annual State of the Company Meeting. Mr. Lowe’s presentation drove home points that I, as a supervisor, continuously strive to communicate to employees. Mr. Lowe also put in time prior to our meeting in order to better understand our company and what direction his presentation should take. He also discussed and even used examples of prior discussion topics in his presentation. I would not hesitate to hire Mr. Lowe again to speak at another one of our events. He was able to provide us with an uninterrupted 45 minutes of non-stop positive lessons that we were able to take away from his presentation.

Michael Roy

Operations Manager, Covillion Group

Ryan Lowe recently spoke to a captive audience at our annual spring conference. He impacted our group with a powerful message on attitude, which inspired us tremendously as municipal employees. Our jobs place us on the forefront in Mayor’s offices around the state; we are the voices of City Hall. Our attitudes are important. Thanks, Ryan, for raising the bar on our professionalism.

Marlaine Peachey

President, Louisiana Association of Municipal Secretaries and Assistants

Thank you for speaking recently at the Louisiana Clerks of Court Institute. As our opening session speaker, you set the tone for the rest of the week by sharing how important our attitude is to our everyday challenges in the workplace and in our personal life. Your enthusiasm and inspirational message was very well received by the clerks and their deputies, and we appreciate your role in making our Institute a success.

Billie C. Tripp

Program Coordinator, Louisiana Clerks of Court Association

It was a pleasure to work with such an upbeat and professional young man. It’s amazing to see how much a sincere smile can affect people. I watched that happen with Ryan as he introduced himself to the delegates at our conference. His optimism and positive attitude were contagious and he was able to engage his audience and make a difference with his message.

Cindy Tullier

Executive Assistant, Louisiana Travel Promotion Association

Ryan C. Lowe made an outstanding presentation on Thursday, April 3, 2014 to the Sunrise Rotary Club of Baton Rouge. Ryan proved to be an engaging speaker from the moment he took the podium and had the 100 plus Rotarians in attendance totally fixed on his presentation regarding their Attitude, both personally and in their everyday business setting. It is no wonder that he is highly sought after by many groups of professionals for his message and delivery.

Gary Littlefield 
Sunrise Rotary Baton Rouge, LA 


Ryan Lowe’s presentation of “Get Off Your Attitude” was tremendous! The enthusiasm with which it was presented was contagious and we were challenged with action items. His worksheet for the presentation was clear, concise and easy to follow along and a great tool to share with others. Awesome Presentation!

Sylvia Brush, ePro, PMN, SFR, SRS
President Georgia Women’s Council of REALTORS


Ryan Lowe’s presentation was incredible! His message on “get off your attitude” is relevant and challenging to all listeners. Ryan had a great balance throughout his motivational speech, skillfully using humor and personal stories to captivate the audience. I strongly recommend Ryan as a must have for motivational seminars.

Dominique Edmond
Owner of Empowered Seminars


Ryan Lowe brings a breath of fresh air and positive energy to his training sessions. Anyone who attends his seminar will go away with a pearl of wisdom and a smile.

Kelly Hurtado
Publisher & Manager, inRegister Magazine


From the moment Ryan Lowe, our guest speaker for the Northshore Rising Professionals (NRP) of the St. Tammany West Chamber of Commerce, began speaking, I quickly realized just how much I could relate to the things he was speaking on. The power of having a positive attitude, surrounding myself with the right people, and utilizing the right tools to be successful was a few of the things he spoke on. I appreciated how genuine and open Ryan was to share his many personal stories of the ups and downs he’s had in his own life. Afterwords I felt motivated, encouraged and inspired to “Get Off My Attitude”

Rob Verdi 
Event Chair , Northshore Rising Professionals


Ryan spoke to our group of professional women and entrepreneurs. His authentic, no nonsense approach to achieving personal success and creating a pathway to meet personal goals is not only inspiring, but spot on. Ryan provides what we need to remind ourselves of each day – our attitudes affect every aspect of our lives, we can choose to be positive and live a positive life!

Andrea Albert
Executive Women International – New Orleans Chapter


Thank you for speaking to the emerging young professionals. Once again, we enjoyed your speech! You are so uplifting and positive…it’s easy to smile in your presence! Thanks for bringing your positive and happy attitude to our luncheon…you are such a pleasure to be around! I wish you a lifetime of happiness with your new nuptials and much success with your book…it’s fabulous!!!! We appreciate you, my friend!! Looking forward to your New York Times best seller book which I have no doubt will be in your future!!!! Thanks again

Linda Larkin
President, Emerging Young Professionals


Ryan Lowe is a motivator who has the rare gift of being able to inspire, teach, and motivate in one speech. His theme of “Get Off Your Attitude” is timely, needed, and life-changing. Ryan’s belief that one’s attitude is the central issue in changing a life is absolutely dead-on in its relevance and effectiveness.

Donald Bryan
District Governor, Rotary Club of Louisiana District 6840


We really appreciated your talk. It came at a perfect time to help us through the last part of a difficult year. I am hopeful that we may be able to work with you again. It was a great idea to have the interactive handout. That helped with organizing my thoughts as you presented so many wonderful concepts. I also was impressed by how you handled the negativity that popped-up at a couple of points during the talk. You handled the questions with perfect, positive professionalism. Your message of positive attitude was clearly demonstrated in those moments and made quite a strong statement about your own honest choice to keep your attitude in check regardless of your circumstances. I will definitely recommend your workshop to my colleagues whose faculty might benefit from such a positive program. Fabulous!

Ginger Bruce
Principal, John Q. Adams School


Ryan..your seminar Presentation last week for Get Off Your Attitude was exceptionally enlightening. You are a fabulous speaker and involve your audience to heighten their attention span. You should go “national.” Keep Shining!

Mary West
TV Host, Real New Orleans


Ryan, A tremendous thank you for speaking at Pope John Paul II Catholic School’s career. Your keynote speech started off the day with a great amount of enthusiasm. It was lively, insightful and most all full of passion for how you should live your life. Your real life stories about how attitude can really make a difference in the path of life was fantastic. We all have the choice of which road you go down. Which one do you choose? I choose to have a positive attitude and always look at life’s events as an opportunity!

Lee Ann Cosgrove
Career Day Co-Chair – Pope John Paul High School

Ryan spoke at a recent seminar held by the Small Business Advisory Council and the response was tremendous. His message was direct, simple and 100% effective! You could not help but feel the excitement in the room. In a time when small businesses are looking for an edge to gain market share, he provided a new way to look at the day to day challenges they face.

Paul Myers
Director, St. Tammany West Chamber of Commerce



At times in our line of work, home care and hospice, we tend to get frustrated and overwhelmed by our day to day work load. However rewarding our jobs may be, that element is always present. Ryan was able to come into our office to share his message and calm and lift our spirits. He helped us to realize that with our own attitudes we can set the tone for not only ourselves but for all others that we may come into contact with during each day.

Mary “Toddie” Grezaffi, RN, BSN.
Administrator of Pointe Coupee Homebound Health Services & Pointe Coupee Hospice


Ryan recently spoke to our 7th and 8th grade honors students. His message of “choosing your attitude” was so important for our youth to hear. The guidance and insight Ryan shared through his own personal struggles made a significant impact on our students. They understand the importance of choosing the right attitude and how they can grow into strong, confident young adults. Thank you, Ryan!

Dottie Davis
Secretary, Mandeville Junior High School PTA


I thoroughly enjoy your presentation. Your energy & enthusiasm is great. “Get off your Attitude” presentation delivers a great message that I hope those in attendance will realize that each one of us can make a difference. We all come across obstacles in our daily lives, but with the right attitude we can turn any situation around. Looking forward to having you bring to our organization other seminars that you offer.

Stephanie M. Turnage 
Women’s Council of Realty , Louisiana State Treasurer


Ryan blessed us at our first annual leadership retreat for City Church. His inspirational story of how God lead him through writing his first book was just what our team needed to inspire us through this season of pioneer church planting. Ryan has a unique gift of inspiring while remaining humble and continually gave God the credit for all that has happened in his life.

Jeff Hummel
Head Pastor, City Church


It was so uplifting and motivational to hear you speak to our group. The team left feeling energized, confident, and most importantly with a “can do” attitude! Thanks for inspiring our team!

Paula Talbot Dawson
Vice President of Development, American Heart Association


Thanks so much for speaking at our LAE4-HA convention. I saw so many ways I need to “get off my attitude” and I’m sure the other 4-H agents did too!! I look forward to reading your book.

Sheila Haynes
Director, L.S.U. Ag Center 4-Club


For me GOYA means not getting lost in who people expect me to be-but rather tap into who I actually am and be thankful for the gifts and talents that I have. GOYA is about finding light in darkness…not just in yourself ….but others:) Thanks Ryan for your visit to our fitness gym and for enlightening us with The fact that we are internally strong as well! SHINE ON!

Nicole Richard
CI-CPT, GFD Slidell Athletic Club


Ryan captivates the audience, you can feel the excitement in the room when he speaks. There’s no question in my mind he’s soon to become one of the greatest motivational speakers of our time, not just because he’s a great friend, but he truly possessives a gift he’s eager to share.

Thomas Guice
C.M.O, 504 Madison Marketing and Advertising Agency


Mr. Lowe’s message is clearly simple, practical, and immediately applicable to any sales job. If you are an owner of a revenue driven business, you are failing your employees by not introducing them to Ryan Lowe and his “get off your attitude” message. Your company’s employees feed off the culture that sets the pulse for the beating business heart and determines profits or losses in the end.

Paul Chiasson
Managing Director, Met life Mortgage


Working with Ryan Lowe is invigorating. The East St. Tammany Chamber enjoys promoting our hometown celebrities and Ryan fits the mold. Bringing Ryan into the Chamber Business Community has been inspirational and motivating. Chamber members were wanting more after the seminar luncheon featuring Ryan and his book “Get Off Your Attitude”. We are excited about the partnership to promote Ryan in our community and work with him in giving back through Ashley’s Angels. If you are looking for a great way to motivate staff or redirect attitudes, Ryan Lowe can help you and your organization find a great attitude.

Dawne Sharpe-Brackett, IOM
CEO, East St. Tammany Chamber


Ryan Lowe spoke to the East Baton Rouge Lions Club in October of 2010 and did an excellent Job. His topic “Get off Your Attitude” was very informative and motivational. He also gave the group some tips on goal setting and how to achieve success in business. Ryan is very knowledgeable, articulate and entertaining. I highly recommend him as a guest speaker and presenter.

Michael R. Choate, CPA
President and Owner, Michael R. Choate & Company, CPAs


I thoroughly enjoy teaching university students and am very passionate about broadening their experiences and their real world knowledge. After hearing your positive message at BRCC and reading your book, I was inspired and I wanted my students to be inspired as well. Get Off Your Attitude is a simple phrase, but packs a powerful, empowering message. Thank you for making a difference.

Tia Edwards
President of To the T Consulting & Southern University Professor


We were privileged to have Ryan Lowe as our guest speaker. His “Get off Your Attitude” talk was interactive, engaging, interesting and thought-provoking. With so much negativity in our nation these days, his presentation was also fun and uplifting.

Kathy Melchers
Board of Directors, Kenner Professional Business Association


Thank you for the great presentation on sales success you made to our real estate associates. The information you delivered was very pertinent, and the style with which you delivered it was very professional, yet personable. The associates have made such great comments about how their business has benefited from applying the points from your presentation.

Leah Wartelle
Team Leader, Keller Williams Realty Professionals


It was our pleasure to have Ryan C. Lowe speak to our organization. His presentation was filled with high energy ‘tidbits’ of information to help us focus and energize ourselves. Several members expressed an appreciation for Ryan’s ability to present information about motivating us in an ‘action packed,’ hard-hitting way. I personally found Ryan’s delivery stimulating and to the point. If you have an opportunity for him to speak to your group and/or organization, don’t delay!! I encourage you to take advantage of his knowledge and expertise to ‘jump start’ on a new level.

Johnny D. Kovalcik
President, Jones Creek Area Business Association


Ryan Lowe is an excellent speaker and coach. Ryan does not just talk about it, he does it. When you get advice from Ryan, it comes from experience, not a book.

Richard Kittrell
Founder, Power of the Pride Training Systems


I have known Ryan Lowe for several years, on a personal and professional level. Ryan is dedicated, motivated, and a person who is always searching for a better way achieve a goal. His work ethic and passion to succeed truly separate Ryan as a good leader from the rest of the pack.

Mark Burns
Managing Partner, Burns Group. LLC


Powerful. Passionate. Productive. Ryan Lowe communicates in a way that engages his audience, whether an individual or a group, and forces them to reflect and react with motivation and tenacity.

Andre’ P. Van den Broeck
President, Threshold USA


I have known Ryan Lowe for years now. Ever since we met, he has proven to be a beacon of inspiration and motivation. He has proven to be a leader and someone you can count on time after time. Ryan is a pleasure to know and work with – his upbeat attitude is contagious.

Sarah Radford
Owner, Chic Gems Etc.


Ryan Lowe is a leader for transformational learning. He has significant insight and tools to use in a world where new possibilities can emerge from a single thought and – if seized – will change your life forever. I enlist Ryan’s principles in my life everyday to help me maintain a positive attitude.

Steve Jordan, BS, CSCS, PES, CPT
President/Owner, Steve Jordan Acceleration


I have been fortunate to work with Ryan over the past decade and can say he is one of the most dynamic, no-nonsense, motivational (or business) speakers that I have run in to. His coaching is direct and effective, and comes from an obvious passion to help improve people’s lives. He delivers his message with wit and charm, and is an absolute pleasure to work with.

Kellie Koppel
CEO, Arcana Films


Ryan Lowe was the Keynote Speaker for our Allied Health Graduation Ceremony. I was very impressed with Ryan’s ability to grab the attention of our audience and inspire with his words of encouragement for our graduating class. His presentation skills were dynamic and it was a pleasure to have him.

Jessica Van Buskirk
Director of Education, Compass Career College


I am excited about Ryan’s venture as an author, mentor, and speaker. I have personally had the privilege to observe several of Ryan’s dynamic speeches. What most impressed me was the interaction and energy the audience felt when seeing Ryan speak. My recommendation and hope is everyone has the opportunity to see Ryan in action. I have and I am the better for it.

Jim Monk
Cofounder, Transgility


The principles taught by Ryan Lowe are so tried and true that it astounds me that more people do not follow them! The manner in which Ryan teaches is entertaining, fast paced, and based on years of solid research. I thoroughly enjoyed Ryan’s seminar and highly recommend other true sales professionals to attend one of his meetings.

Vince Cimino
Admissions Advisor, University of Phoenix


I have traveled all over the United States to hear many motivational speakers and attend conferences and workshops. Ryan Lowe is one of the best. He has helped me stay motivated in this fast-paced world. His lectures and one-on-one coaching have helped me get to the next level in my career. He inspires me to be better and do better – not only at work but in life as well. Thanks, Ryan.

Brian Low
President, Brian Low Financial


Ryan’s workshop was a good combination of valuable, ready-to-use content and entertaining presentation. He succeeded in engaging a very diverse audience. I’m looking forward to reading Ryan’s soon-to-be-published book and to working with him again in the future.

Anne Nowak
Program Director, Career Center Baton Rouge


Ryan did a great job with my sales team. His past experience working in our sales industry and his speaking skills were a big hit with our real estate team. I would highly recommend him for any sales organization that needs a kick start.

Rick Crozier 
Branch Manager, Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc. – Greater New Orleans area


Ryan has an unparalleled ability to bring alive the need to be ‘positive’ in every aspect of life. His communication style is not only engaging but also keeps the listeners on the edge of their seats. He exudes, passion, energy and has an uncanny ability to engage all participants. I recommend Ryan to all businesses to build team values, sales and leaders within organizations.

Steve Meyers
District Manager, Abbott Laboratories


Ryan Lowe’s sales training had a great impact on our sales team. His training was not just educational but also inspirational. He had a lot of depth and breadth to his content and we plan to use him again!

Julio Melara
President, Louisiana Business, Inc. and Publisher of the Baton Rouge Business Report


Ryan, through your inspiring words during our team training call the other day, you sparked a fire in my Rodan + Fields Dermatologists team members. One thing that spoke volume was to stay motivated, stay focused on goals, and stay positive, even when faced with adversaries. “Soar with the eagles”, and that is just what our business has done ever since, I cannot thank you enough.

Kimberly Kennison
Level V Executive Consultant, Rodan and Fields Dermatologists


We had Ryan speak to a unit of our sales force regarding his sales teaching experiences and his Get off Your Attitude message. Not only was his message enthusiastically received, but he also demonstrated his ability to learn about our industry and it’s sales process particulars; and from that he was able to provide a message that our people connected with and got even more out of it! I fully endorse Ryan’s abilities and we will be incorporating his training for our larger sales organization as well!

Ricardo Vita
Director of Spine, Zimmer Solutions


Ryan, Thanks for presenting your Get OFF Your Attitude sales seminar to our North Shore SCORE chapter last Thursday. Our chapter members enjoyed the session very much. The information was very inspiring to us, personally, and will help us in counseling our clients. We look forward to future sessions with you.

Mack Deloney
President, SCORE North Shore


We were very blessed recently to have Ryan speak with our sales force. I was very impressed with Ryan’s knowledge of our industry and he familiarized himself with our company lingo in order to relate better with our sales force. We ordered several books and are looking forward to reading and reflecting on it as a team. It was refreshing having a young, hungry, driven business owner speak from the heart on his personal ups and how his Attitude allowed him to get out of his own way and again get on top. I would encourage any sales organization to tap into Ryan’s knowledge base and get motivated by as Ryan says, “Get off your Attitude.”

Michael Jones
President and Owner, Rhino Marketing, Family Heritage


Ryan Lowe was one of the best Success Trainers we have had in a long time! He “wowed” the crowd in addition to delivering detailed training techniques for us to utilize right away. Ryan always seems to always be positive and has a knack of spinning anyone’s mood into a super-positive one. I would highly recommend Mr. Lowe any day of the week.

Erik Swanson
Senior Vice President, Universal Seminars


Your presentation on attitude and goal setting was right on point for us to have success in the new year. Anyone who is considering a way to jump start their business in the new year should begin with you. If we as a firm can “get off our attitude” we will no doubt achieve all our objectives for 2013 and beyond.

John J. Favaloro, CLU 
Managing Director, Metlife


Ryan and I worked for several years together at Brian Tracy Seminars. He is an exceptional, highly skilled Sales Trainer who was very popular with our clients. In fact, during the time we worked together, he was the most requested trainer on our team. Ryan is the kind of person who inspires others to great heights and achievements. He was a pleasure to work with and I hope to work with him again soon!

Gary Coleshill
President, Coleshill & Associates


Recently, Ryan Lowe gave a seminar on Goals and Strategic Marketing for a group of my clients. It was not only informative, inspiring, and fun, but also tailored to this group’s industry and needs. Through Ryan’s charisma they where enticed to get involved in conversation (and, at times, debate). Everyone left not only with new information but with motivation to put into practice what they learned. What an opportunity it was to remind clients why they use my company. Thanks, Ryan.

Gareth Beale
Marketing Director, Choice Title

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