GOYA-ism Quote Book 

This book is a collection of over 140 inspiring quotes selected to help you achieve a positive attitude that will result in a more positive, happier life. They were created and written by Ryan C. Lowe in his very successful self-help book, Get off Your Attitude. He named them GOYA-isms, referring to Get off Your Attitude!

Many readers of his first book, and thousands who have attended his seminars, have asked for this compilation. It offers them a daily quick-check into those phrases that have helped them improve their lives significantly.

To aid with a quick-check, the book sections help the reader zoom directly into the various situations where they need support, such as goals, faith, dreams, relationships, etc.

Ryan believes this will be the perfect quote book to pick up and flip through when your life seems to focus on the negative; when you are trying to stay positive during a tough time, or when you just need a quick positive pick-me-up to put a smile on your face. Please enjoy these positive inspirational quotes, and share them with your family members, co-workers and friends.

After reading these GOYA-isms, get ready to GET OFF YOUR ATTITUDE and discover a more positive life than you ever imagined!

 *** Each book purchased will come autographed by Ryan and you will receive a FREE get off your attitude bracelet.

For More information on Ryan make sure to visit his main site at www.ryanclowe.com


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