What is Get off Your Attitude?

In this era of negativity, Ryan C. Lowe, President & Chief Attitude Officer of GOYA Presentations, is looking to make a difference with his message on attitude.  In his book “Get Off Your Attitude,” Lowe describes attitude as “the most important thing in your life. It affects everything: how you handle the situations around you, how others perceive you, whether you give up or keep fighting, whether you succeed or you fail, it all comes down to attitude.” Lowe would know; his trials growing up have made him put his positive principles into real practice. He now travels all over the world to speak on positive attitude change to schools, churches, and corporations.

Lowe explains what brought him toward such a positive mind state and why he wants to spread his message: “I’ve been through it all. I lost my business when the economy crashed. I’ve had great personal struggles. I was even shot in high school. I thought about what I could do to turn these into positives, instead of letting them weigh me down.” That’s why he wrote the book and began the GOYA movement. GOYA members study Lowe’s book and apply the principles to improve their lives. They also wear the grey bracelets with the words “Get off Your Attitude” to remind themselves to stay positive. These bracelets have been seen on the wrists of several professional and college athletes.

The movement and the book have garnered media attention. Success Magazine, a major business publication for entrepreneurs, just recently published a positive review of “Get Off Your Attitude.” The book itself has sold over 25,000 copies in its first year. Lowe has also recently released his second book entitled “GOYA-isms”, a book of quotes and inspirational messages for people in the GOYA movement. Both books are currently in major book stores and on Amazon. One member of a recent GOYA seminar, Stacy, recounts her experience. “I attended a seminar and took the message to heart. I won’t lie; it was difficult at first to confront my attitude, but I’m already seeing a positive shift in how I approach life. I’m excited!”


Lowe is looking to spread his message beyond his books, website, and speaking engagements by getting into television and radio. “Motivational speaking and attitude change isn’t just for people in business suits. It’s for everyone. My mission is to bring positivity to everyone.” Lowe explains that negative talk coming from the outside affects people’s mental habits as much as internal self-talk. “The GOYA movement is all about getting rid of internal negativity, which is the biggest obstacle to any kind of success.” He believes that the amount of negativity in the world is causing tremendous amounts of stress. By getting away from our negative attitudes and learning to resist negativity from outside ourselves, actions toward a better life will automatically be taken. “As more individuals get off their attitude and become successful, this will reflect into our communities.”

For More information on Ryan make sure to visit his main site at www.ryanclowe.com


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